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What is the difference between Additional Marketing and Digital Marketing and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

 Today we will talk about what digital marketing is. Digital marketing is a very

difficult word people say. Let me tell you that digital marketing is the easiest job. If you learn how to make a lot of money, first we will see What is digital marketing? What will I give in its problems such that we take a product like "PIN"? If you have a product, you have to put it in front of you and see if there is a PIN.

I will do this, I will go to the streets, bazaars and I will try to seal it. It is called additional marketing. First, we understand additional marketing. What is additional marketing? Have you ever seen it in markets? You must have seen the flex attached to a large board. You must have agreed that when you look at this board, you see an ad on which a company's Advertising is going on. If you like the ad, you have bought the ad. They will then take the number from the ad and contact the cross-company. This is called additional marketing. There are many things involved. Now let me tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of additional marketing. First of all, we should talk about its advantages. You put up an ad board and spend millions of rupees on it. People on the streets see it.

It means that if a board has a road, you can estimate for yourself how much traffic passes on it on a daily basis. But we put advertisements so that people would buy our product after seeing this advertisement. One we talk about its loss. The first loss is that we spend millions of rupees but we do not know how many people are addicted to it. Have seen and don't even know what this circuit comes after making so much investment, we just put up board advertisements that are only looking at these two, three roads, whatever the traffic will go on this road. You will see this ad. You agree with me that you have invested so much money, but we don't even know who the people who are watching our ad are. It is true that we do not even know that it is a loss of additional marketing. Now we talk about the digital market which is my favorite. I will tell you about the problems that an ad has given you. Invested and spent lakhs of rupees but you do not understand the result. For example, if you spend Rs. 10 lakhs on an ad which is put up on the road in the form of a board, then the same traffic will come to that road.

We don't even know that we have target people in it. If we invest only 5 lakh out of this 1 million in digital marketing, then we can see our ad all over the world. An ad you have done through additional marketing. The only difference is that the additional ad you have installed in digital marketing is only Rs 5 lakh. The only difference is that the additional marketing ad will be seen on Chand Road. The people of this area will see it and you have installed an ad in digital marketing. It will be seen all over the world, which means you can see an ad all over the world through digital marketing. We also do digital marketing for less money. You also know which people you are targeting who are buying your product. Only you people are targeting them and all the details you know from it. What is the effect of your ad online in which city? If an ad is not offering your profile, you can turn it off at the same time. This is the benefit of digital marketing.

You have to think about how you can get it. How can you get a job and get more profits as you know the coming era is going to be online so we also want to go online and benefit from digital marketing? I have an offer for you. If you want to do digital marketing of your brand, please contact us. If you want to learn digital marketing, you can also contact us. Thank you.

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